Saturday, September 29, 2012


Let’s start this with some background information:

1. I hardly ever get sick. When I do, I rarely take anything.

2. I was drinking at least 6 cups of coffee daily.

3. I was 3 months into a 20 hour/week internship in addition to continuing to teach 30 students ( 20 hours in the studio) weekly in Mountain View, a 45 minute commute. And performing 2-3 times a month. And running media at church one weekend a month.

The first trimester sick kicked my butt. I was nauseous all the time (calling it morning sickness is misleading, I had all-day sickness), but luckily never puked. I hate throwing up, and from what I’ve read, you don’t even get the usual relief after throwing up when it’s caused by pregnancy. The fatigue was hard to deal with also, but it was made so much worse by the need to cut caffeine. The recommended daily caffeine intake is 200mg. That’s one cup of coffee. I was used to six.

At first, I tried having just one cup of coffee in the morning, but there was no way that was enough. I decided to switch to decaf to fool myself into feeling like I was still getting coffee, because I could still have two or three cups in the morning. For a solid week, I really struggled to function. It was worst fatigue I’ve ever dealt with. Normally, I can power through not feeling well, or being a little tired, but there was no powering through this. It wiped me out.

Around week 14, things finally started getting better. The sick and tired went away and I started feeling normal again. Soon after, I would finally start to look pregnant.

I finally got around to taking pictures in February.

2012-02-25 12.21.33 - 22w1d

22w1d: I felt I looked pregnant enough to take a picture. Ha! Little did I know how much more pregnant I could look.

2012-04-02 12.55.36 - 27w3d

27w3d: A little bigger.

2012-04-15 09.16.56 - 29w1d

29w1d: This shirt shows off the bump more.

2012-06-02 15.33.52 - 36w1d

Jump to 36w1d: Third trimester, getting big.

2012-06-07 08.33.29 - 36w6d

36w6d: A little bigger.

2012-06-09 17.40.09 - 37w1d

37w1d: Bigger. And maybe I had “dropped.” Not that that meant anything.

2012-06-18 12.48.37 - 38w3d

38w3d: Still getting bigger.

2012-06-29 15.49.04 - 40 weeks

40 weeks! The due date came and went, which is to expected in a first pregnancy, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable.

2012-07-04 14.05.10

At 5 days past my due date I went to a 4th of July party. I have to say, it was kind of fun answering people who asked when I was due with “5 days ago.”

I was still pregnant two days later, and opted to be induced at 41 weeks. 28 hours later, I would no longer be pregnant.


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