Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Man in the Studio

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The jazz group I perform with, Resonance, spent the weekend in the studio recording eleven tunes for a CD release. Eleven tunes in a weekend is a pretty intense schedule, requiring about ten hours each day. Since I’m currently David’s only source of food, it was either pump like mad or bring the baby along. So, we brought the baby along.

david loves cello

He really loved listening to the cello. Even when were all playing to set levels, he didn’t care that mommy was right in front of him playing viola, he stared at the cello.

Luckily, he didn’t have to actually stay in the studio for long. Charles was away at the Cornerstone men’s retreat, but came home just after we had to leave. After unloading his drum set, he was able to meet us at the studio just about an hour and half after we got there. We were still working on setting levels, so it was no problem having David in the studio.

In addition to the recording studio, we also had access to a really nice lounge with a full kitchen, huge sectional couch, and great dining table, so daddy and baby had a nice place to hang out. Charles had done a lot of recording of the band at the men’s retreat, so he spent some time mixing those recordings while we were in the studio recording. He also spent a lot of time in the booth checking out the massive 48 channel board (SSL 4000 G-series) and geeking out with the engineer. When they needed to get out, he had the stroller to go for nice walks around Berkeley.

Luckily, David has recently become a much more efficient eater, needing only about 10 minutes every 2 hours for meals. We took that many breaks anyway, so I was able to feed the baby in a break and then get right back to recording. It was so nice to have him at the studio with me. Thanks daddy!

The studio was super nice, and many famous musicians and bands have recorded there. It was quite an experience.

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